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A bridge teaching program for beginning and intermediate level players.

Free Trial Evaluation

You can download a fully functional copy of Bridge Mentor for a free trial period. If you decide to purchase the price is only $39, half the cost of other leading bridge programs.

For Beginning Players

If you are a beginning player Bridge Mentor will teach you everything you need to know to get started playing bridge.

Tutorial lessons are provided to take you step by step from the basic rules up to intermediate levels of play.

For Intermediate Level Players

If you already play bridge, Bridge Mentor will assess your current level of play to provide you with teaching hands tailored to your learning needs so that you can advance to higher levels of play.

You play real bridge with the computer playing the role of your partner and opponents; and Bridge Mentor coaches you so that you learn while you play.

Bridge Mentor Program Features

Two million different random deals.

Help screens cover all needed instructions so that no books or manuals are required.

The program provides for regular play and a teaching mode of play for both rubber bridge and duplicate bridge.

In teaching mode of play the program prompts you if you make an error in bidding or play and detailed help screens explain the error and the correct play. No other bridge program on the market provides detailed help screens to explain correct bidding and play so that you can learn as you play.

Two dozen different American Standard bidding options are provided to cover the entire range of needs from simple for beginning players to more advanced for intermediate level players.

Thirty different types of practice hands are provided to teach the various elements of bidding and card play.

A "Test Your Level of Skill" mode is provided to give you an objective measure of your progress.

The program will keep separate records and teaching plans for up to four different players.

System Requirements

   Computer Running Windows


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